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Wild West Whitepaper

Newport Beach SEO Guy-the best choice search engine optimization company in 2017

With the launch of the Newport Beach SEO Guy’s agency approaching, I’ve created a value packed whitepaper explaining the four major ranking factors in 2017. This whitepaper has live examples that breaks down exactly how search engines like Google work, so that you can take advantage of the endless amounts of free traffic available.

To give you a little context, I’ve been deep in the trenches of SEO over the past two years. I’ve invested over $10 thousand dollars in that time to learn from the very best in the business. It’s all culminated with the creation of Newport Beach SEO Guy. Why Newport Beach? If you’re asking that, then you probably haven’t been here.

What’s in it for you?

For starters, I’m a one man gang style agency. Or better put, self employed. And I love the work that I do. SEO is about strategy, organizing resources, and executing on a plan that’s catered to the business it’s serving. And much of that attention to detail gets lost when you hire a large company. Put it this way, how many SEO companies in Newport Beach California, or anywhere for that matter, can claim that the person who on-boarded you is the same person who executes on your SEO strategy? I’ll tell you from my inside experience that it’s not many.

As a matter of fact, you may have had a bad experience working with a marketing company. I feel for you. There’s never a guarantee out there. But what there can be is a constant meta strategy (one that I use) that ensures great relationships and ultimately top rankings for your business.

At Newport Beach SEO Guy, I’ve baked in customer success as part of my business model.

And I’m so excited to get things rolling out that I even created what I call the Newport Beach SEO Guy-Wild West Whitepaper. If you’re a business owner or someone who wants to take advantage of the endless amounts of free traffic from the Google search engines, then you’re going to get a tremendous amount of value from this whitepaper. You’ll find loads of juicy, actionable SEO strategies.

Why all the information for free?

Here’s my philosophy when it comes to free content. I’ve taken this next part out of my other Newport Beach SEO blogger post.

“I think it’s perfectly natural to provide valuable information upfront without expecting an immediate ROI. My goal for any free content is to show my core competence in SEO, and that frame is really helpful. I see a lot of marketers giving away very poor content. What does that imply? If I’m getting content that’s not valuable to me, I’m not going to place much value in who’s giving it to me. And vice versa.”

Roberto Esposito aka the Newport Beach SEO Guy

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